On-Line Insurance ID Cards

This on-line ID card generator is for use exclusively by active participants. In order for a card to be generated, your enrollment must have been approved and submitted by your plan sponsor.

By printing your insurance card you are acknowledging you meet the eligibility requirements and that you have read and understand the benefits and exclusions. It is your responsibility to read the plan summary and understand the deductibles, copays, and exclusions.

Contact Us to request a permanent ID card, if applicable.

To print a web based ID card, please enter the information requested below. Present this card to your health care provider; it contains all the information necessary for your provider to submit a medical claim. This card is for identification only. It is not a guarantee of benefits. Any unauthorized use of this card is strictly prohibited.

If you are unable to print an ID card from this page, please consult your plan sponsor or contact Customer Service at (877) 657-5030 or email at customerservice@consolidatedhealthplan.com.


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